I would like to study at the Graduate School of Seinan Gakuin University. What kind of requirements do I need to clear?
First of all, in order to take the entrance exam for our Graduate School, you must have a Bachelor's or a higher degree. In case you are not Japanese, you are asked to present one of these certificates to prove your Japanese language proficiency;

● A certificate of the N1 level of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (conducted by Japan Educational Exchanges and Services)

● A certificate of the minimum score of 260 or above in the "Japanese as a Foreign Language" section of the Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students (conducted by Japan Student Services Organization)

 Please be sure that the application requirements for part-time students are the same as full-time students. No post-graduate course prior to enrollment is available.  All the Graduate School courses are completely conducted in Japanese, therefore, the applicant should have a certain level of Japanese language when apply. There is no intensive program of Japanese language prior to enrollment.
Do you have any programs intended for students who want to learn Japanese?

Yes, we have International Division and Summer Program. The International Division offers a one or two semester program running from August to May of the following year, through which students earn transferable credits required for graduation. The course content concentrates on Japan, including Japanese language, culture, history, tradition, and business and politics. All courses with the exception of Japanese language courses are taught in English. 

Foremost specialty of International Division is that the program has the beginning Japanese class, which is intended for those who have never studied Japanese.  As a result, proficiency in Japanese is not required for admission.  Unlike international divisions set up at other Japanese universities, this program is not a preparatory course in which students intend to enroll in the undergraduate or graduate school of Seinan Gakuin University. You can also find the information of Four-Week Intensive Japanese Language Program as below.

- International Division
- Four-Week Intensive Japanese Language Program

Is there any academic preparation required prior to applying for International Division?
Foreign nationals who will complete or has completed a secondary education and are qualified as an applicant for undergraduate study at the time of enrollment are qualified to enroll in this program. Non-English speakers are required to be proficient in English in order to understand the classes taught in English (minimum TOEFL 550 or equivalent). 
Please click the following link for more details.
Is it possible to transfer the credits I have received from your International Division to my home institution?
Yes, students in the International Division earn a minimum of 14 to 28 credits over one or two semesters upon completing the program. Transcripts of completed coursework are sent to home institutions. Students must confirm credit transfers with the appropriate department of their home institution.
How much will studying and living cost me if I enter the International Division?

For self-financed students, tuition for one semester is ¥375,000 and tuition for two semesters (one year) is ¥750,000. It will be exempt for exchange students.

If you live in an International House (on-campus dormitory), monthly rent is ¥31,000. Food costs vary depending on your choices, but you can expect to spend about ¥50,000 per month. Within a five-minute’s walk of the university, there is a supermarket and restaurants where you can enjoy a variety of cuisines from all over the world. Fukuoka city is the one of the best cities to live in since prices are reasonable compared to Tokyo.

Please click the following link for more details.
Does Seinan Gakuin University offer a dormitory for international students?

There is an on-campus dormitory, International House (I-House), for the international students and researchers to live in with Japanese students as Advisors.  There are 55 single rooms for students.  Also, off-campus dormitories run by a private company and homestays are offered for students to learn about culture, tradition and life in Fukuoka.
Please click the following link to find out more about student accommodation.

Are there any scholarships for international students?
Scholarships are available from JASSO, the Japan Student Services Organization, which can provide a stipend of 80,000 yen per month. JASSO will allocate the quota of scholarships to each university based on their yearly provision on acceptance of foreign students. Seinan Gakuin University will notify the number of possible recipients of each partner institution according to the past record of issuance in March or April. We will nominate the recipients recommended by each institution to JASSO in May. The final announcement of the recipient will be made in the end of June.

Check the latest information on the JASSO website:

There is another scholarship available from the Association of Teachers of Japanese for students coming from the United State. Visit the website of the Association of Teachers of Japanese to find the application form and more detail.

Seinan Gakuin University also offers the tuition exemption program to self-financed international students in the Undergraduate Division or Graduate School (excluding theology major, commerce major, economics major and International Division). The tuition exemption program pays 50 percent of tuition costs.  Those who have the certificate of eligibility with "College Student" status are qualified for the tuition exemption program. Students must submit a completed tuition exemption request form and the decision will be followed an examination. There are other scholarships offered by various organizations. International students recommended by university will be nominated to receive those scholarships.
Can I work part time while studying in the International Division?
Yes. Students in the International Division can work part time within a scope which doesn’t affect study. International students are allowed to work up to 28 hours per week and up to four hours per day. Students wishing to engage in part time work must first apply for and obtain a permission from Fukuoka Immigration Office and report to Center for International Education (CIE) the detail of the job (name of company, term, payment, etc) before they start a job.
Do I need to take out the university designated insurances if I study at Seinan Gakuin University?

All the students are required to take out the On-campus Personal Accident Insurance (¥1,000 per year) and Personal Liability Insurance for Students (¥900/semester or ¥1,500/one year).  Students are also required to take out the Japanese National Health Insurance.  The Health care system covers 70% of your medical cost while the patient pays the remaining 30%. Students are strongly recommneded to purchase the International Travel Insurance BEFORE coming to Japan as well.

Check the details of insurance as below.
- Financial Costs and Aid (Insurance)

Do international students have opportunities to interact with Japanese students?

International exchange events are actively held on campus for offering students opportunities to develop international sensibility, learn different cultures and widen their prospective.  The international exchange activities include a pottery class, mochitsuki, cooking party, sports festival and welcoming parties for international students. Hosted by CIE or students volunteers, you can enjoy the activities to go on a cherry viewing, see a sumo match, and Halloween party, etc.

Also, short-term homestays (Home-Visit Program) are offered to international students once in a semester.  Homestay for one night or a day at Seinan student's house will be an experience to learn about life in Japan and feel right at home. 

We also encourage international students to take part in club activities to make good friends with the Japanese.  Japanese traditional sports, such as kendo, kyudo, aikido clubs are the most popular ones among international students.

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