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International Division

Established in 1973, the International Division offers a one or two semester program running from August to May the following year, through which students earn transferable credits required for graduation. The course content concentrates on Japan, including Japanese language, culture, history, tradition, business and politics, with all courses except the Japanese language taught in English.
Most of the admitted foreign students are exchange students from universities that have entered into mutual exchange agreements with SGU, bringing in approximately 150 students per year, and SGU currently accepts foreign students from 88 institutions around the world. We are one of the few Japanese universities to offer courses on Japanese culture in English, with credits that can be applied to graduation.
The classroom is richly international, with students from many lands present, so that while studying Japanese students also learn about the world.

Acquiring credits

Students in the International Division earn a minimum of 14 to 28 credits (Japanese Credit System)over one or two semesters upon completing the program. Transcripts of completed coursework are sent to home institutions by the end of the next month after the program is completed. Students must confirm credit transfer with the appropriate department of their home institution.  Fore more details, please find the information below.

<International Division>
  (Electives) 100 min × 1class × 14 weeks + exam = 2 credits

  (Japanese Lanugage) 100 min × 5 class × 14 weeks + exam = 5 credits
  (Japanese Writing / Reading) 100 min × 1class × 14 weeks + exam = 2 credits


The International Division letter grade system is as follows:

Letter Grade Point Pass / Fail
A 100 - 90 Pass
B 89 - 80
C 79 - 70
D 69 - 60
F 59 or lower Fail

Grades are evaluated based on above-mentioned 5-level letter grade scale.
SGU does not have "Incomplete" or "Withdraw".


Students may select courses they are interested in from the wide variety SGU offers. 5 levels (for Fall) / 6 levels (for Spring) of Japanese language instruction are available, with students placed into level [I], [II], [III], [IV], or [V] (+ [VI] for Spring semester only) courses based on their placement test results. Students can join the beginning class level [I] with no prior knowledge of Japanese. In addition to classroom study, off-campus activities such as trips to museums, cultural and government facilities are also common, helping foreign students gain a deeper understanding of Japanese culture

Special Topic and Independent Study (Auditor System

Students interested in regular university courses outside of those offered within the International Division, can select courses and earn credits through the International Division. Under the Special Topic program the student must be able to adequately understand the language of instruction. In addition to Japanese, a number of courses offered in the regular university are taught in English.
The Independent Study program allows students to engage in academic research into course subjects outside those offered within the International Division, under guidance from a professor. While there is no restriction on language, the professor must be able to effectively evaluate and direct the research. A student may take up to four credits of Independent Study. 

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