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Financial Costs and Aid


ACADEMIC COSTS                                                                                                       JPY=Japanese yen
(*Exempted for Exchange Student)
375,000JPY/semester,  750,000JPY/year 

*No installment payment accepted. Invoice will be sent by email for self-financed students after the acceptance letter is issued.
Textbooks Approx. 20,000JPY (depends on courses)
Rent (On-Campus) Approx. 40,000JPY~/month
(Off-Campus) Approx. 74,000JPY~/month
Room Cleaning Fee (On-Campus) Approx. 10,000JPY~ 17,000JPY/one-time only
(Off-Campus) 15,000JPY/one-time only
Rental Bedding Fee (*mandatory) (On-Campus) Approx. 12,000JPY/5 months, 20,000JPY/10 months
(Off-Campus) Approx. 16,000JPY/5 months, 26,000JPY/10 months
Food Expense Average 40,000JPY/month
INSURANCE (Mandatory)
Japan National Health Insurance (NHI) Approx. 1,500 ~ 2,000JPY/ month
Personal Accident Insurance for Students (PAS) 1,000JPY / one-time only
Comprehensive Life Insurance (Personal Liability Insurance) (One-semester students) 1,210JPY/one-time only  
(Full-year students) 1,680JPY/one-time only


1) Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) Scholarship

This scholarship is available for some qualified international students accepted by Japanese universities under the student exchange agreement on a short-term basis from three months to one year.


Stipend 80,000JPY / 31 days

Eligibility Requirements

The applicant must meet the following requirements at the time of application:
1) MUST be nominated by our partner universities
2) MUST be eligible for 'Student Visa'
3) MUST be in need of financial assistance to study abroad
4) MUST have a good academic standing: 2.30 or above out of a 3.00 scale
5) WILL COMPLETE their studies at their home university upon termination of the period of study in Japan
6) DOES NOT hold nationality of Japan. Please confirm that the nominee does not hold a Japanese nationality along with another nationality.
7) WILL NOT be receiving any other scholarship for study abroad with 80,000 JPY/month or more during the applicant’s exchange period at SGU.

Selection Process

1. Announcement of Recruiting JASSO Scholarship Applicants 
[SGU → Partner Universities]
We will inform our partner universities of this scholarship opportunity after JASSO officially confirms that SGU will receive funds to provide scholarships to support inbound exchange students coming to SGU.

2. Submit “JASSO Scholarship Nomination Form” and "Official Transcript of Grades"
[Partner Universities → SGU]

3. Screening by SGU
We select a limited number of qualified applicants in accordance with the JASSO Scholarship screening requirements.
[Note] Full-year students will be prioritized more than semester students, as either case is counted as one (1) space for the scholarship.

4. Result Notification
[SGU → Applicants and their Coordinators]
"JASSO Scholarship Agreement Form" will be sent to all successful applicants. Then, applicants are required to submit the form within a week after they are notified of the results.


March 31 September 15

Nomination Deadline (by Coordinator)
*Late submission is not accepted.
[Document to be Submitted]
1. JASSO Scholarship Nomination Form
2. Offical Transcript(s) of Grades

June November

Result Notification from Seinan
[Document to be Submitted]
JASSO Scholarship Agreement Form


JASSO Scholarship Orientation Session
All JASSO scholarship recipients will be notified of:
- how to open a bank account
- the obligations as JASSO scholarship recipients, etc.

*Monthly enrollment verification is required.

September January

Scholarship Payment Begins

JASSO - Student Exchange Support Program (Scholarship for Short-term Study in Japan)

2) Bridging Scholarships (American Association of Teachers of Japanese)

There are scholarship opportunities available for US citizens who will come to Japan on an exchange program. Please apply directly to the association from the following website:

Study Abroad in Japan: Bridging Scholarships

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