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Application (Self-financed Students)

Seinan Gakuin University accepts self-financed students into its International Division.


1. A foreign national who will complete or has completed a secondary education and who is qualified as an applicant for undergraduate study at the time of enrollment.

2. Non-English speaker is required to have proficiency in English to understand classes taught in English (TOEFL-PBT 550, TOEFL-iBT 79-80, IELTS 6.0).
*Proficiency in Japanese is not required for admission.


The following schedule shows the normal procedures for accepting students from abroad. Incoming students should follow the required process according to this schedule in order to arrive in Fukuoka in time. 

Fall semester Spring semester *The schedule is subject to change.
March 31 September 30 Submission deadline: 
- Online Application
Required Documents (via email)
May October Notification of Admission
June November Housing Application
June November

The following documents will be emailed to you: 
   - Student Visa Application Guidance
   - Electronic Certificate of Eligibility (CoE)*
     (*A document issued by Fukuoka Regional Immigration Bureau.
        It serves as approval from the Japanese Immigration Services
        that you meet the entry requirements as set by the GoJ.)

August January Arrival in Fukuoka
Orientation Sessions
Semester Begins


       APPLY ONLINE      

[STEP 1] Complete the Online Application
Deadline: March 1, 2024
Please contact us at to receive the password required for your online application submission.

* Housing Application
The admitted students will receive detailed information on housing application procedures via email early in June.

[STEP 2] Submit Required Documents (via email)
Deadline: March 31, 2024

Send the following documents in the format specified files via email to

Note: All required documents must be in either Japanese or English. In case the original documents are in any other languages, please attach a translation.


Please scan and send us both sides of your most recent official transcript including the grading system notes issued by your home institution. We do not accept unofficial copies of transcripts (e.g. a student copy). If applicable, please also send us any other higher education transcripts (e.g. transfer institutions, Bachelor’s program).


You must have sufficient financial resources for the duration of your stay in Japan (more than 800,000JPY for one semester or 1,600,000JPY for two semesters).

The following scanned documents can be accepted:
- an official statement of your (or your financial sponsor’s) bank account with a bank seal or signature
- an official electronic statement of your (or your financial sponsor’s) bank account generated in PDF format through  an online banking system with a bank seal or signature
- an official letter showing evidence of formal student financial aid (e.g. scholarship, loan)
*Any document/statement without a bank seal or signature and a  screenshot of transaction history of your (or your financial sponsor’s) bank account are not accepted.


This form must be filled completely. If some items are left blank, the reexamination of those items will be required before enrollment in Seinan Gakuin University.


Please scan and send us your passport ID page.


The Certificate of Eligibility is one of the necessary documents required for you to apply for your student visa at the Embassy or Consulate General of Japan. As a proxy, we file your CoE application at the Immigration Bureau in Fukuoka. Please look at the   Sample Application Form carefully and fill out the form.

You will be asked to re-send us the application form if:
- you change any of the formatting (paper size, page orientation, zoom etc)
- your form is converted into a pdf or another type of file

*If you hold Japanese citizenship, you will not need to apply for your visa. Please contact us for more information.


Submit a letter of recommendation from an instructor or administrator at your current or recent enrolled educational institution or from a co-worker, supervisor or employer who has worked closely with you. The letter should be written on a professional or institutional letterhead with a signature of the referee.


If your primary language is not English, you must submit one of the following test scores:

    TOEFL-iBT: overall score of 79-80 or above
    TOEFL-PBT: overall score of 550 or above
    IELTS: overall band score of 6.0 or above

8 ID PHOTO (JPEG) *To be used for your CoE application and student ID card issuance purposes.

Make sure your photo has been taken within the last 2 months. A photo must be sharp and clear. The applicant should face squarely towards the camera. The background should be plain white. No hats, caps or head coverings.
(Important Note) The photo that is the same as your passport photo will NOT be accepted.

[STEP 3] Submit Required Documents (by mail)
Following our preliminary screening, you will be asked to submit hard copies of the aforementioned documents by mail.

[STEP 4] Payment of Application Fee
Once we receive hard copies of your required documents, you will need to pay the non-refundable application fee of 12,000JPY. You will be informed about the payment procedures by email.

[STEP 5] Payment of Tuition
Invoice will be sent by email along with the letter of acceptance after your enrollment is officially accepted.
Tuition: (1 semester) 375,000 JPY / (2 semesters)  750,000 JPY

"Adobe Reader" is necessary to see the PDF file. Please download and see Adobe Reader with the button of right "Get Adobe Reader".

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