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Spring 2021

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I.Admission Information

*1. Desired Student Status
*2. Term Seeking Admission
*3. What influence your decision to apply to Seinan Gakuin University?
*4. Give us special areas of interest in study at Seinan Gakuin Unviersity?
*5. Give us information that would help us better understand your academic background.
6. State your plans after the study abroad program at Seinan Gakuin University.

II. Applicant's Information

1. Name
*Last/Family Name
*First/Given Name
Middle Name
*2. Gender
*3. Date of Birth
Month     Day     Year 
*4. Nationality
*5. Present Mailing Address
*6. Present phone number
7. Parmanent Address (If different from Q5)
8. Parmanent phone number (If different from Q6)
*9. E-mail Address (Indicate Email address which you will use in Japan)
10. Emergency Contact Information
*Relationship to Applicant
*Phone number
*E-mail Address

III. Home Institution / Present Institution

*1. University Name
*2. Major
3. Minor
*4. Year in School at the time of exchange
*5. Degree
6. Prospective Graduation Date
Month     Year 

IV. Educational Background

Secondary Education (e.g. middle school, junior high school, high school)

Name of School Location
(City, State/Province & Country)
Date of Attendance
(from Year/Month to Year/Month)
Years Attended
* * *From   / 
*To       / 
 From   / 
 To       / 
 From   / 
 To       / 

Higher Education (e.g. college or university)

Name of School Location
(City, State/Province & Country)
Date of Attendance
(from Year/Month to Year/Month)
Years Attended
From   / 
To       / 
From   / 
To       / 
From   / 
To       / 

Have you taken/passed any recognized Japanese language test (e.g. JLPT, JPT, EJU)?

Name of Test Year Month Level/score

V. Financial Information

*1. Supporter
2. Supporter Infomation (Please fill out if you choose "Parents" for the supporter above.)
Relationship to Applicant
Phone number

VI. Health

1. Do you have any learning disability (e.g. amblyopia, dyslexia)?

If yes, please indicate.  
2. Do you have any allergies or other medical requirement?

If yes, please indicate.  
3. Have you ever received treatment or counseling for an emotional problem?

If yes, please indicate.  
4. If you have any pre-existing medical conditions, please give details.

VII. Housing

Please choose the accommodation you prefer from the following.
 - International House (On-Campus)
 - Dormitory-type Housing (Off-Campus)
Please give your first, second and third choice. Based on availability, you will be placed in either of accomodation on a first-come first served basis.

*1st Choice

*2st Choice

*3rd Choice

*4th Choice


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