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Program Overview  

Taking advantage of its long-lasting history of Japanese language education since  the 1970s, Seinan Summer Program delivers excellent linguistic training in a richly international environment to all participants every year.

It provides you with intensive Japanese training through many interactive activities and experience-based learning (=“TAIKEN-GATA GAKUSHU” (体験型学習)).


Program Features

Several on/off-campus experiences-based learning taking advantage of being in Japan. (=“TAIKEN-GATA GAKUSHU” (体験型学習))
*e.g. Conversation practice/project work with Japanese students, interviewing the neighbors, researching Japanese society/culture, etc.

Introductory Japanese Class

- Acquire the natural Japanese language used in everyday life even if you cannot read and write Japanese letters, HIRAGANA and KATAKANA.
- Learn simple Japanese sentence patterns with minimum vocabulary through several conversation practices with classmates and Japanese students.

Beginning Japanese (I) to Advanced Japanese Class (IV)

Through a variety of experience-based learning outside of the classroom, you will be able to:
- learn Japanese sentence patterns and vocabulary according to the Japanese class level from Beginning (I) to Advanced (IV).
- brush up your Japanese skills and discover new horizons in your use of the Japanese language.

2024 SESSION DATES June 19 - July 19, 2024
DORM CHECK-IN June 15 - 18, 2024
ORIENTATION June 19, 2024

Introductory to Advanced
(5 Levels)

CLASSES 28 classes* + Exam
TOTAL CREDIT HOURS 90 credit hours
*1 class = 100 min.

Course Syllabi

Below are the course syllabi used for the SGU Summer Program 2024. 
They may help you to acquire an overview of each Japanese course -  class level, goals, contents, etc.

 Japanese Class – Introductory level 
 Japanese Class - Level I 
 Japanese Class - Level II 
 Japanese Class - Level III 
 Japanese Class - Level IV 
 Japanese Class - Level V 

Credit Transfer

While this program is designed to be credit transferable, ultimately the decision on whether credits are transferable will be made by the participant’s home institution.

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