Summer Program

Program Overview

SEINAN Summer 2022 Program cancelled
Due to the  ongoing and evolving COVID-19 outbreak, we, unfortunately, have to inform you that the Summer 2022 program (both Session1 and 2) is cancelled. Information in regard to 2023 Summer Program will be provided in January 2023.

Program Overview

Taking advantage of its long-lasting history of Japanese language education since 1970, Seinan Summer Program delivers excellent linguistic training in a richly international environment to all participating students every year.

In 2020 we launched Session 1, a 2-week program, in June only for participants with little to no Japanese language background. This allows learners to participate in the original Summer Program “Session 2”.

Session Features

Session 1

This shortened session offers an intensive 2 week Japanese language training period during the summer. It is the perfect option if you have never studied Japanese or if you have dabbled at learning Japanese greetings, hiragana and katakana. This session mainly focuses on learning basic grammar patterns and building daily-use vocabulary.


・Start in mid-June
・Introductory level only 
・Highly intensive language training
・Focus on all four language skills: speaking, listening, writing and reading skills


・Opportunity to interact with Japanese students in class
・Preparatory session to continue to the Beginner level in “Session 2” - a 4-week program
・Living on campus in the Seinan dormitories

Session 2

In this session, you will study Japanese with highly trained and experienced instructors each morning, and the rest of the day will be yours to enjoy optional Japanese culture classes and activities. It is the perfect option if you are looking for a full-summer session of language learning and cultural experiences or if you want to keep building your skills in Japanese. At the end of the session, you will be absolutely amazed by how much you can achieve in a month!


・Start in July
・ Four Japanese class levels from Beginner to Advanced *No Introductory class offered.
・ Learning through Activities - “TAIKEN-GATA GAKUSHU(体験型学習)”
・ Learning in groups with participants from different backgrounds - “TATEWARI (縦割り)Activity”
・ Project work including on/off campus field work, workshops and language lab activities
・ A day field trip in Fukuoka to visit local shrines, temples and other attractions
・ An overnight field trip in Kyushu area to visit historical sight


Optional series of Japanese culture classes and activities, including calligraphy, tea ceremony and hakama dress-up experience
・ An amazing variety of activities led by Seinan volunteer students outside of classes, including workshops, games and sports
・ Living on campus in the Seinan dormitories


Session 1 Session 2 Session 1+2
LENGTH 2 weeks 4 weeks 6 weeks (2 + 4 weeks)
SESSION SCHEDULE Sample Calendar Sample Calendar Sample Calendar
CLASS LEVEL 1 class level:
Introductory only
4 class levels:
Beginner to Advanced
1 class level → 1 class level
Introductory → Beginner
CLASSES 30 classes* + Exam 30 classes* + Exam 60 classes* + Exam
TOTAL CLASS HOURS 45 hours 45 hours 90 hours (45 + 45 hours)
*1 class = 90 min.

Session Syllabus

Session 1

 Japanese Class – Introductory * To be updated

Session 2

 Japanese Class - Level I (Beginning) 
 Japanese Class - Level II (Pre-intermediate) 
 Japanese Class - Level III (Intermediate) 
 Japanese Class - Level IV (Advanced) 

Placement Tests  for Session 2 only

Participants in Session 2 complete two types of placement tests which determine their class level for the duration of the session.
     Part 1. Online Japanese test (before arriving in Fukuoka)
     Part 2. Essay (during the orientation program)

Credit Transfer

While both sessions are designed to be credit transferable, ultimately the decision on whether credits are transferable will be made by the participant’s home institution.

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