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Some of the most commonly asked questions about housing are answered here.

1. What are the costs of housing?

Fees vary depending on housing and room type. Please refer to the websites below:
■  On-campus Housing
■  Off-campus Housing

2. How can I pay my housing fees?

You will receive a monthly bill and make cash payments at any convenience store. Please expect that the first bill will include a number of initial startup costs that you need to pay upfront including the current and next month’s rent, cleaning and rental bedding fees. You will be informed of more details during the Housing orientation session after you arrive.

3. Do I need to rent a set of bedding?

Yes, both on and off campus residents are all, without exception, required to rent a set of bedding that each housing specifies. A bedding set comprises a pillow, pillowcase, duvet, duvet cover, blanket and Japanese-style mattress. Sheets can be exchanged regularly.

1. How my housing assignment will be determined?

Housing assignments will be made on a first-come, first-served basis. The earlier you submit the housing application form, the more likely you are to receive your desired housing. We also carefully arrange accommodations to ensure a balanced composition of residents from partner universities.

Please note that we are not able to guarantee your request for a particular type of housing as we assign dormitory or room in order to consolidate vacancies.

2. If I do not accept my housing assignment, can I have any other options?

The offer will be cancelled and given to the next student on the list. You will need to find alternate housing on your own.

1. When do I move in and move out?

Review our Academic Calendar website for your housing move-in and move-out dates.

2. Can I move in early or move out later?

We are not able to accommodate students who would like to move in prior to the official check-in dates. In addition, students must move out on the date established by SGU. If you intend to arrive before the move-in dates (or leave after the move-out date), you will need to make your own arrangements for accommodation with a local hotel.

3. Where and what time can I move in?

■ Move-in time:
9 am - 7 pm (and 7 pm - 9 pm on a case-by-case basis)*
*All on-campus dormitory residents are required to move in between 9 am - 7 pm due to business hours. If you are arriving in your dormitory between 7 pm - 9 pm due to the limited flight schedule, any delays, etc., please let us know as soon as possible*. Please understand that arrivals after 10 pm must make hotel accommodations for the evening.
*If we do not hear from you, you will be considered a no-show, and your housing assignment would become subject to cancellation.
  Off-campus: 9 am -  7 pm
Due to being outside of business hours, arrivals after 7 pm must make hotel accommodations for the evening without any exceptions.

  4. What should I do if I find out that my (connecting) flight has been delayed or cancelled on my departure day?

Contact us immediately at to communicate your arrival plans. Please expect that arrivals after 10 pm (for on-campus)/ 7 pm (for off-campus) must make hotel accommodations for the evening.

5. What are the move-out procedures?

Around a month before your move-out date, you will receive email with the detailed information on what to do for moving out.

1. Can I send some of my belongings to my housing prior to my arrival?

Prior to move-in dates, on/off-campus housings do not accept any packages. Please schedule deliveries to arrive after you move into your housing so you can personally accept the packages.

[The mailing address]
On-campus:  on-campus housing website
Off-campus:  off-campus housing website

1. Will there be rules and regulations at each housing?

Both on and off-campus housings set some rules to ensure that every resident can live in a safe and positive environment. More detailed information will be provided during the Housing orientation. Here are the examples:

- no smoking
- no alcohol consumption
- no entry to floors for the opposite gender
- no overnight guests are allowed
- no curfew
- a prior notification required to the dormitory manager in case you will be away overnight(s).

- smoking allowed only in the designated area in the dormitories
- no entry to rooms of the opposite gender
- only your family members of the same gender allowed to stay in your room for up to 2 nights
- no curfew except for Dormy Fukuoka3 (Female)
- a prior notification required if you are unable to get back in time for the gate closing time or go out before the gate opening time

1. Is it necessary to attend Housing Orientation?

Yes, housing orientation is mandatory for both on and off-campus new residents.

Topics covered at orientation:
- payment procedures
- paperwork (contract, written agreement and others)
- accommodation rules and regulations
- evacuation drills (for on-campus residents only)

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