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Specifications of Each House

Seinan Gakuin University offers 3 different housings for the international students. Here are the specifications of each facility.

On-Campus Housing (I-House)
Seinan Gakuin University International House, so called “I-House”, is located 5 minutes from the campus on foot. The international students and the Japanese students of SGU as advisors live in there. Shower booths and shared kitchens are provided each floor, and the kitchens are available for whoever would like to cook. There are some supermarkets and a lot of restaurants 10 minutes by walk, and Momochihama Coast is reachable in 15 minutes on foot as well. I-House is the best place for people who would like to communicate with the others from all over the world.


Off-Campus Housing (Dormitory-type or Apartment-type)
  There are 2 types of Off-Campus Housing available; dormitory-type or Apartment-type housing. In both types of housing, residences would be include both Japanese and international students from other universities and sometime non-students. Each room provides a mini-kitchen (or IH cooking heater) and a bathroom.

Dormitory-type housing offers you breakfast and dinner every day, which is included in rent fee. Also, there are cozy lounge and common space where you can hang out with your friends. Sometimes, there are seasonal events for residents. Each resident must follow the dormitory regulations which the management company provides.

Some people prefer more independent life in apartment-type housing. It brings you the greater independence, and you need to take responsibilities for most of your actions.

Near the both types of housing, there are some convenience stores, supermarkets, and restaurants.

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 The homestay program offers Japanese households to the international students near the campus or within an hour at most by bus or subway. Homestay is an ideal place for the people who would like to learn Japanese as quickly as possible, surrounded by the shower of Japanese while experiencing the culture and the custom.



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