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Seinan Gakuin University offers 2 different housings for international students.

On-Campus Housing
 Living in the residence halls is affordable and comfortable, and allows students to create lifelong friendships and live in a culturally diverse environment. Seinan Gakuin University has three residence halls on campus. Each hall is fully equipped and offers not only a comfortable living environment, but also a variety of social and academic activities. Some of you might be living on your own for the first time, and we understand you maybe worried about a lot about hall life. But no worries! We have well trained and sopportive RAs on each hall. They live with you in the same halls and are more than happy to assist you while you are staying in Fukuoka.


Off-Campus Housing (Dormitory-type)
 Dormitory-type housing offers you breakfast and dinner every day, which is included in rent fee. Also, there are cozy lounge and common space where you can hang out with your friends. Sometimes, there are seasonal events for residents. Each resident must follow the dormitory regulations which the management company provides.

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