Staff Introduction


Miyazaki Katsunori 2013.4~
Profile: Miyazaki Katsunori’s research focuses on the utilization of historical records concerning the customs, society, culture, industry and politics of the Edo period. He is interested in the history of cultural exchange, mainly between Siebold and Edo’s popular culture. “Fukuoka and Hakata in antique maps” are also his speciality.
For details klick here: Seinan Gakuin University’s Staff Introduction page (Japanese).


Onishi Shuzou 2015.4~
Profile: Onishi works for the University for 41 years (April 2015). He is now the clerk in charge of general affairs, while studying the museum.


Uchijima Minako 2015.10~
Profile: Uchijima Minako majored in History of Western Art with a focus on artworks of the Italian Renaissance. Her main topic of research deals with the 15th century’s Italian artist Pierro della Francesca and the relation between urban areas and art.
For more details see:Graduate Students Association’s homepage (Japanese).

Curator Assistants

Nofuji Tae 2015.10~
Profile: Nofuji Tae’s major is History of early modern Japan, In particullar, she focuses on Kawahara Keiga--the painter of Nagasaki in Edo.

Curator Assistants

Yamao Ayaka 2012.11~
Profile: Yamao Ayaka studies History of Western Art and researches about Christian Art, while focusing on the portrayal of death, women and animals, such as snakes in artworks. She invites all visitors of this museum to enjoy the sound of the pipe organ that is located on the second floor.

Abe Daichi 2014.3~
Profile: Abe Daichi’s major is deplomatic history of Japan. In particullar, His research focuses on international expositions held in 19th.
Yoshioka Kasumi 2014.11~
Profile: Yoshioka Kasumi’s major is Japanese culture. Her interested in Japonism. She is researching cultural exchange though art in Meiji period-Japan and Western world.

Tsutsui Haruka 2015.4~
She majors in manuscripts about Christianity made in the Middle Ages. In particullar, she is interested in Celtic decoration.

Akita Yuya 2015.9~
He majors in archeology(mainly Burial Mound age) and researches the society as seen from a group of old tombs in Northern Kyushu.

Ikenaga Terumi 2016.1~
She study French literature of the 19th century. Novel "Okiku's" Pierre Loti, "Japan's autumn", has been studying the "ladies of Japan" from the surface of the garment. Japonisme, are you interested in Art Nouveau.

First director

Hiroaki Takakura 2009~2013
Honorary Professor, Department of Intercultural Studies, Seinan Gakuin University.
President, Japanese Archeological Association.

Former curator

Hiroaki Yasutaka 2009~2015
Associate Professor, Japanese History and Archaeology, Division of History, Faculty of letters, Kumamoto University.


Clotilde Juvin(since November 2015-December 2015)
Profile: Clotilde Juvin is Master student of IESA (Institute of Art Market) in Paris, France. She earned a double Master degree in French and German Law and has the aim to work in the exhibitions and auctions field.

Wei Wei(since November 2015-December 2015)
Profile: Wei Wei is Master student of IESA (Institute of Art Market) in Paris, France. She earned a double bachelor degree in french litterature and international law.she wants to work in the auction house or in the museum.

Murat Atalay (since October 2014-December 2014)
Profile:Murat Atalay is student of IESA(Institute of Art Market) in Paris, France in the aim to become a Japanese Art expert. He is an exchange student of Seinan Gakuin University.

Marcel Bliss (since April 2014-August 2014)
Profile:Marcel Bliss is trainee in the museum of Seinan Gakuin University since April 2014. He earned a bachelor degree in History and Literature at Ruhr-University Bochum in Germany and is currently an exchange student at Kyushu-University in Fukuoka.

Farina Fabricius (since August 2013-September 2013)
Profile: Farina Fabricius studies Japanese Studies and Korean Studies at Ruhr-University Bochum in Germany.