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On-Campus Housing

Seinan Gakuin University International House

A Lodging Facility for Foreign Students and Researchers
Seinan Gakuin University has earned a reputation as an international school for its large number of non-Japanese faculty members and foreign students. Since the foreign student program was launched in 1971, we have stressed internationalization and actively welcomed students from other lands. We believe that a campus where foreign and Japanese students can study together is the ideal environment for the youth who will become leaders in the international society of tomorrow.

In February 2004 the International House was opened as part of our program to expand the lodging facilities that form an important part of this outstanding environment. To promote true friendship, this facility, called the “I-House,” allows foreign students and researchers to live together with Japanese students, experiencing intercultural exchange and broadening understanding of other cultures through daily living. There are 55 rooms for single students, two rooms for single researchers and two apartments for researchers with families, along with shower rooms and kitchens. The I-House offers single rooms for productive study, and communication lounges and a broad terrace for enjoyable times together. A Japanese student advisor on each floor assists foreign students in daily life creating an environment where students from many lands can help each other, interact, and grow together.

Encouraging students to experience rich international exchange by overcoming boundaries of culture, nationality or gender -  it all starts at the I-House.

A Place for Intercultural Communication

Foreign and Japanese students live here, enjoying a rich campus life together. While students have their personal space required for dedicated study, they can also share lounges decorated in American, European or Asian styles. Students can freely mingle, exchange, and grow together, overcoming differences of culture, national origin or gender.

International House Overview

The Seinan Gakuin University International House ("I-House")

Mailing Address
(student name, room#)
1-15-1 Momochi, Sawara-ku, Fukuoka 814-0006

International House regulation (Extract)
I-House 17-18_I-House Brief Guildlines [PDF]

Steel-reinforced concrete, 5 stories
(sections 3 stories).
Total floor area of approximately 2,440m2
Residential facility to be used by foreign students and researchers, and up to 16 Japanese students.

Rooms and common facilities

Single students (18m2)   ... 55 rooms
Single researchers(30m2)   ... 2 rooms
Researchers with families (60m2)   ... 2 rooms

Building management office, Multipurpose hall and Japanese-style room on 1st floor Lounges on 1st, 2nd and 3rd floors Kitchen, dining room, laundry, and shower room on every floor.

Room facilities
Wifi access, Desk, chair, bookshelf, lights, TV antenna connection, telephone jack, network jack, bed, refrigerator, air conditioner, sink with hot and cold water, and toilet.

Fees (As of April, 2018)

Type of fee   Fee
Single students (18m2)   ¥31,000/month
Single researcher(30m2)   ¥43,000/month
Researcher with families (60m2)   ¥51,000/month

Rental futon
Rental futon include a pillow, sheets, futon mattress and futon quilt.
The rent fee is subject to change.
1 month ¥3,780
4 months ¥8,640
5 months ¥9,720
9 months ¥14,040

Payment of I-House fees

August -December
(Single Payment)
  Due date:   After the middle of September
January -March
(Single Payment)
  Due date:   After the middle of January
April - May/June   Due date:   Due date will vary depend on the day you are leaving I-House

You are obliged to pay the fees in cash at the designated bank by each due date.  We do not accept checks or credit cards. Details will be given at orientation.

*Fee includes electricity, heat and water utility bills.

Lounge Spacious Wooden Deck Single Room for Student
Japanese-Style Room Shared Kitchen Shower Room

--Thoughts from a Resident-- 

Ms. Kristin HAUGEN

I am spending an inspiring time in I-House because I have come into contact with various cultures through living with international students from all over the world and Japanese students. The I-House has the Multipurpose Hall where we can enjoy  parties, watching movies, and other events. All rooms are single rooms with bath room and washstand. In such an environment I can easily concentrate on study. Above all, I enjoy jogging on the nearby beach. School is easily accessible on foot from I-House. I am very thankful that I am able to enjoy such a wonderful environment as a student.



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