NEWS(English) of English日本認知心理学会心理学会第8回大会

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The deadline has been extended until14 o'clock March 2.
It came to be able to download the format of proceeding paper. Please confirm the download page.

The 8th Congress of the Japanese Society for Cognitive Psychology was decided to be held in Seinan Gakuin University(Fukuoka-city).

It is as follows of the content.
Place:Seinan Gakuin University

Seinan Gakuin University is a convenient place for access, and exists from the closest station in a place 5 minutes on foot. Moreover, it is a very good place for taste Fukuoka also by Momochi beach that includes the Fukuoka tower and the Yahoo dome, etc.

Attention:About the PC environment in the Lecture and the Verbal presentation

・ The PC environment used in the congress is as follows. 
Windows XP,  Vista
(If the PC environment has been suited, it is possible to present only by bringing USB thumb drive in. In that case, please copy the file onto having PC beforehand.)

・For Macintosh,  please have the main body of the PC and the DVI-VGA conversion connector of the attachment, and confirm the system environment and screen resolution, etc. beforehand.

1. Outline and guide
2. Guest speech・Originality prize・Symposium
3. Oral presentation・Poster presentation

・ Access to the Seinan Gakuin University(HomePage of Seinan(Korean)LinkIcon)(HomePage of Seinan(English)LinkIcon
(Please refrain from coming with the car.)

・ Timetable of Fukuoka city subway and Bus.(.pdfLinkIcon)