ウクライナにおける平和回復への願い(Plea for the Restoration of Peace in Ukraine)


院長 今井尚生

Plea for the Restoration of Peace in Ukraine

 Seinan Gakuin, whose education is based on Christian values, advocates an educational philosophy of "equipping students to seek truth and create peace”. In the Peace Declaration announced on the centennial anniversary of the school’s founding in 2016, students and faculty members of Seinan Gakuin have expressed their determination to become true members of the international community and live by the ethos of "people who achieve peace."
 For those who adhere to this philosophy, the disaster that is currently occurring in Ukraine cannot be overlooked. We want to be close to the hearts of all those who are experiencing the grief of invasion and destruction and who are involved in and suffering from this disaster. We strongly hope that a peaceful solution can be reached through dialogue and diplomacy, not by the violence of war. We pray with all our hearts that peace will return to Ukraine as soon as possible.

Seinan Gakuin
IMAI, Naoki