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DELGIE, Mondonna

I studied abroad at Seinan in summer 2018, and I loved it so much so I came back for Fall 2019! Seinan was my first choice because it was affordable and because Fukuoka looked like an interesting city. It had fabulous food and cultural festivals. I met some of the sweetest people that I'm still friends with and love dearly. We were able to make wonderful memories visiting Tenjin for shopping, watching beautiful fireworks, and spending time at the beach together. Seinan felt safe and supportive the whole time, providing any guidance or direction when we were unsure about anything. The campus was beautiful and I particularly loved visiting the chapel. I also had a wonderful experience with a host family for a day visiting a historical park and cooking together. My memories made in Japan are dear to my heart and I am so thankful. Because of this time in Japan, travel and connecting to people is my passion, and I thank God for everything working out exactly as it was supposed to. Connecting with supportive teachers and friends helped shape me in so many ways. I love Fukuoka and can't wait to visit again.


The tea ceremony master, played by Kiki Kirin in the film Every Day a Good Day (by Omori Tatsuri) has the maxim: “Every day is a good day.” It is the perfect sentence to express my feelings about my stay in Fukuoka for the Summer Program. It was a wonderful experience!

Let me explain about this program. You will not only improve your Japanese communication abilities but you will  also discover Japanese culture and daily life from the inside. It was only five weeks, but it felt like several months as there was so much to experience and discover. Despite classes which take place every morning, we could take part in numerous activities such as visits to temples or museums or experienicing Japanese arts like kyûdô, ikebana, sadô and more. We spent an entire day with a Japanese family who became our local families, and with whom we could put into practice every bit of knowledge we gained in class. Fukuoka is a beautiful city and its citizens are warm enough to chat with while walking around town.

Last but not least, July in Fukuoka means fireworks and Hakata-Gion Yamakasa Festival, which is to say two wonderful days you should spend with friends!

If I had to sum this stay in two words, they would be without a doubt: Discovery and Sharing.


The summer program at SGU was top-class with great instructors, who are there to teach you different aspects of the Japanese language at a pace that works with you. I never once felt overwhelmed with the work I was given and felt comfortable talking to the instructors if I needed help. Over the course of the program, I gained lots of confidence in my Japanese, enough that I could speak in front of large crowds. Seinan is a beautiful campus with amazing food and a beautiful library and even friendlier people. I was able to make tons of friends during my time at Seinan, people I still stay in contact with and call true friends. I had the unique opportunity to join the baseball team for practices and was able to learn a lot about the Japanese culture of my generation through them. The program also gave us a fair amount of free-time to explore the great city of Fukuoka with friends. I had the opportunity to go to multiple baseball games, an aquarium and even a summer festival. If I could, I would do the program again and then again. It is a great way to truly learn Japanese, not just through class, but through interactions with people and off-campus excursions. I would recommend this program to anyone I know with a passion to learn the Japanese language and culture.

CHOY, Ngan Wai
Hong Kong

Fukuoka is a wonderful city in Japan that made me feel a sense of belonging. I will never forget my summer memories at Seinan Gakuin University. I not only learned deeply about Japanese culture but I could also meet Japanese students and international students from around the world.

Our class teacher was extremely enthusiastic and kind when teaching us the Japanese language, even when we were always worried about making grammar mistakes. She always encouraged the students to speak and practice more. All Seinan students, teachers and CIE staff were very kind and helpful in taking care of us. I could continue to fight to improve my Japanese language and learn more about Japanese culture. It was absolutely an amazing experience to study in this program.

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