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Academic Calendar

If you would like to see an academic calendar of Regular Departments and International Division, go to
21 Fall Academic Calendar - International Division & Regular Departments
22 Spring Academic Calendar - International Division & Regular Departments

   2021-2022 Academic Dates -  International Division
*Make-up classes will be given to standardize the number of classes in the semester.
FALL SEMESTER (September - December 2021)

23 AM(Mon): Orientation sessions (online)
25(Wed): Fall semester classes begin


8(Wed): Add/Drop deadline
18(Sat): Make-up classes*


16(Sat): Make-up classes*


11(Thu)-12(Fri): All classes cancelled (Campus festival)
20(Sat): Make-up classes*


15(Wed): Make-up classes*
16(Thu): Fall semester classes end
17 AM(Fri): Make-up classes*
17 PM (Fri): Commencement (fall semester)


SPRING SEMESTER (March - July 2022)

22(Tue)&23(Wed): Accommodation move-in**
**These dates are subject to change depending on the quarantine requirement.
24(Thu)-25(Fri) & 28(Mon): Orientation sessions
Spring semester classes begin


23(Sat): Make-up classes*


13(Fri): All classes cancelled (Seinan Gakuin Foundation Day)
21(Sat): Make-up classes*


18(Sat): Make-up classes*


11(Mon)-13(Wed): Make-up classes*
14(Thu): Spring semester classes end
15(Fri)-21(Thu): Spring semester examinations
22(Fri): Commencement


2(Tue) by noon: the last day to move out of accommodation


Please note that some students are able to take some courses offered by the Regular Departments if they meet the course requirements. Their academic calendar is slightly different as follows:
   Apr 7(Thu): Classes start
   July 20(Wed): Classes end
   July 21(Thu)-Aug 1(Mon): Examinations (Aug 1: Exam make-up day)

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