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> Seinan Gakuin University welcomed an exchange professor from Baylor University

Seinan Gakuin University welcomed an exchange professor from Baylor University

September 21, 2023

Seinan Gakuin University has welcomed many foreign researchers from its international exchange partner universities as exchange professors and researchers, fostering deepened international research exchanges and collaborations. We are delighted to announce that in August 2023, we had the privilege of hosting Dr. PAZ, Lourenco as an exchange professor from Baylor University, one of our partner universities in Texas, the United States of America.

 On Friday, September 15, President Naoki Imai had the honor of receiving a courtesy visit from Dr. Paz and extended a hearty welcome. To begin, Prof. Paz introduced himself by Japanese, which he had recently learned, and provided an overview of his research and educational activities. They exchanged various opinions about future student and researcher exchanges between both universities.

 Dr. Paz will be staying at SGU from August to December 2023, where he will actively engage in research. He is also scheduled to deliver some guest lectures during the second semester of the Faculty of Economics, with the cooperation of Professor Shinji Miyake from that faculty.

Dr. PAZ, Lourenco,  Exchange Professor from Baylor University (bottom right)

Dr. IMAI, Naoki,  President (bottom center)

Dr. MIYAKE Shinji,  Closest Colleague for Dr. PAZ (upper left)

Dr. TATEISHI, Takeshi,  Dean, Faculty of Economics (bottom left)

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