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Seinan Gakuin is located in the Momochi/Nishijin area, a city sub-center about 20 minutes from Fukuoka International Airport by subway, and only about 10 minutes from Tenjin, the core commercial and shopping district. Nishijin is an educational area hosting a number of universities, high schools and elementary schools, and its reputation as a student center has brought it a large number of diverse restaurants serving students. It is also a place rich in traditional Japanese friendliness, with the people hawking their fresh vegetables or fish every morning from wagons.

Seaside Momochi, only a short walk from the SGU campus, is a center for academia and culture along the coast. The futuristic cityscape, featuring a host of stylish office buildings and condominiums, is fascinating, and it also has a number of cultural facilities such as a public library, museum, Fukuoka Yahoo! Japan Dome, movie theaters and a broadcasting station that have helped make it a major tourist spot. A number of research institutions and corporations in the information services industry have opened offices here oriented toward Asia, making good use of the advanced inf rastructure. The manmade beach is thronged with swimmers in the summer.

Nishijin Market Street Marizon Pier

Club Activities

Club activity is one way of enjoying a richer life here in Japan. Working up a sweat with Japanese students not only brings you new friends, but is an excellent way to get to understand Japanese culture a bit better. About 150 athletic, academic and cultural clubs exist at Seinan Gakuin.

Major Athletic Clubs
Aikido, American Football, Archery, Badminton, Baseball, Basketball, Boating, Boxing, Field and track, Golf, Handball, Ice Hockey, Judo, Karate, Kendo, Kyudo, Lacrosse, Rugby, Shorinji-Kempo, Yachting and more.
Major Academic & Cultural Clubs
Guitar Ensemble, Japanese chess(Shogi), Orchestra, Painting, Photography, Rakugo, Shodo (Calligraphy), Speech, Tea Ceremony, and more.

*Available clubs are subject to change every year.

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