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With a collection of 1,200,000 volumes, the Library also accommodates a United Nations depository and an E.U. documentation center, in the international organization's document room. Audio-visual materials can be used in the Library's AV rooms, and the satellite TV broadcasting available in the lobby lets students easily check up on news overseas. Library PCs are connected to the Internet and available for free use to students: ideal for sending E-mail to family and friends.


Embodying the founding philosophy of Seinan Gakuin, this structure hosts chapel three times a week. Organ concerts are also held with the chapel's pipe organ

Seinan Cross Plaza Cafeteria

This café terrace, opened in 2004, features a modern brick exterior, with a 250-seat cafeteria and a 72-seat student lounge on the first floor, with space for lectures and receptions on the second. It is open from 8:00 until 19:30, and offers an extensive menu available even outside regular mealtimes. The name Cross Plaza was chosen from student submissions, and as the name suggests, the students make good use of it in interacting with each other.


Spectator seating for about 800 people is provided along two walls of the main and sub floors, and the gymnasium is equipped with six practice dojo for kendo or judo, a weight training room, locker rooms and hot-water showers. On the west side are a 50-meter, 8-lane swimming pool, small athletic ground and tennis courts.

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