Seinan International Student
Ambassador Network

Message From the President


Greetings to all of you from Fukuoka! I hope you have fond memories of your time at Seinan Gakuin University and that your experience here made a positive impact on your life.

In 1971 we began providing opportunities for our students to spend time overseas and afterwards opportunities for welcoming students from all over the world to study with us in Fukuoka. Since the inauguration of the program, more than 3,000 students have participated in Seinan Gakuin’s international programs. Our programs have expanded and continue to do so. At of the end of 2018 we have programs with 82 schools in 26 countries.

We’ve heard from some of you who are interested in renewing ties with fellow students and with the university. The International Office has been working on the idea of starting a “Seinan International Student Ambassador Network.” One purpose of the network would be to strengthen ties between former international students. But we also hope that further opportunities for international exchange might be come from this network. Some possibilities might include lectures here at Seinan by former international students, support for Seinan students going to study overseas, or internships here in Japan or overseas.

We welcome all of you who studied as international students in the university, as exchange students, or as participants in the summer language program here at Seinan Gakuin University to become members of this network. We hope you will sign up to be a part of sharing your experiences with others and encouraging young people to venture out into the world.

Naoki Imai
President of Seinan Gakuin University

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