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A faculty founded upon Christian tradition that influences the world
       The Faculty of Theology is the core of Seinan Gakuin University, with over a century of history having been established in 1907 when the school was called Fukuoka Baptist Theological Seminary. The Department of Theology of the Department of Theology bases its studies on the Bible and strives to discern the essence of the spirit and culture of Christianity through the study of Christian thought, philosophy and art. At the same time, the Faculty aims to educate students who will actively assume this spirit and culture in order to shape the spiritual culture of Japan and the world and contribute to the promotion of world peace and works for the good of all humanity.

Two courses
       The Faculty of Theology offers two courses of study: the "Theology Course" and the "Christian Humanities Course." The "Theology Course" is for those students who are preparing to be leaders in the Christian world, preachers and ministers of churches, etc. The "Christian Humanities Course" is open to anyone, including non-Christians. Its purpose is to train people who will be able to contribute to society based on the Christian spirit.
For a comprehensive development of character
       The first European universities all developed out of theological studies. Theology, which ponders the ideal state of being and living based on the relationships with God and neighbors, is the root of all human sciences. In a world where immediacy and efficiency are valued above all else, theology maintains the good tradition of thinking about things thoroughly and comprehensively.

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