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Department of English Literature

Cultivation of English abilities to gain future careers, as well as research abilities in American and British literature and culture
       The Department of English Literature's educational goals can be described in these four focuses: to develop students’ practical English abilities through language education; to cultivate within each student a wide and deep literacy and  knowledge through research activities; to enrich sensibility and imagination through the study of American and British literature and culture; and to foster human resources that can answer the demands of a global society.
       In order to establish fundamental English abilities, students learn their English skills in small-sized classes. The freshmen and sophomores take reading classes and fundamental exercise courses to understand American and British literature. At the same time, to polish their four English skills, students take native teachers’ English skill classes, and also engage in computer-based English learning systems in CALL English classes.
       Elective courses start from the sophomore year; students can select their courses according to their own interests and curiosities among various classes. They learn about various issues in these courses, studying the relationship between themselves and society, or researching about American and British literature and culture in order to improve their sensibility and imagination. They may choose practical courses that improve their English ability so that they can acquire enough skills for their future careers such as English tour guides and conference interpreters. Studies on adjacent academic fields such as art history, history and anthropology, or courses on non-English regional cultures such as French, Mediterranean, and Celtic are also available.
       The Division of English Literature also encourages students to apply to Seinan Gakuin University's foreign exchange programs and short-term language training programs by providing exchange preparation classes such as TOEFL seminars in its curriculum.

Department of Foreign Languages, English Course

English and Beyond
       The English Course aims to cultivate human assets who will be successful in the international society. First, students gain a good command of practical English, and then, build up specialized knowledge based on their English ability so as to become successful cosmopolitans. These English communication abilities are considered "assets."
       The first asset is acquired mainly through the English Skills Cultivation Subjects offered to freshmen and sophomores. These courses have proven their worth; within one year after enrollment, students’ average TOEIC score increases by 100 points or more.
       The second asset is cultivated through four key areas: "Business English," teaching specialized knowledge necessary in international business; "Communication Studies," developing communication abilities with different cultures; "Language Culture," deepening understanding of different cultures; and "English Linguistics," providing a scientific approach to English and English education.
       English ability is an important element in promoting character, and emotional and logical growth. The goal of the English Course is to foster a mature working member of society equipped with abilities that will sustain him/her in an increasingly diversifying international society. The English Course believes in education beyond learning English: English and Beyond.

Department of Foreign Languages, French Course

French as a new foreign language and culture experience
       One major characteristic of the French Course is that students learn French, a new foreign language that is different from English. Upon enrollment, all students start learning French from the very beginning in this experience of an unknown language.
       Supporting this new foreign language learning are nine faculty members, including three native speakers, and an enriched curriculum. The curriculum focuses on acquisition of practical communication abilities so that a complete beginner will reach a proficiency level equivalent to the second level of the French Proficiency Exam. Furthermore, the Division provides not only education in the language, but also a balanced curriculum of lectures and exercises so as to give students a multilateral understanding of French culture.
       The exchange program is also worth noting; students have opportunities to study for six months or one year at French universities including Universite de Grenoble, Aix-Marseille Universite, and the new Universite Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris 3. There are also short-term exchange programs, such as a Summer Intensive Language Program. Utilizing such programs, many students are able to gain direct personal experience of French culture while attending this school, taking a step towards broadening their horizons.

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