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Department of Childhood Education

Nurturing an "distinguish eye" towards children
Acquiring a wide & diverse perspective and expertise in fields of early childhood care & education and elementary school education

       It goes without saying that the experiences in the early stages of infancy and childhood are of great significance in the growth and development of people. At the Department of Childhood Education, students deepen their awareness concerning children at this stage in life, learn about childcare and education for those children, and nurture an " distinguish eye."
       Centered on major-concentrate courses, including required courses for acquisition of childcare certificate and teaching licenses for kindergarten and elementary school, students choose their own curriculum based on their individual purposes. Major-concentrate courses are designed to include some subjects that teach theoretical fundamentals of childcare and education, some that envision a practical situation, and others that can improve and expand the students' expertise in their own direction as a childcare specialist or a teacher. Most students do acquire the certification and the licenses, but acquisition is not a requirement for graduation. Therefore, it is possible for students to focus on learning certain fundamental studies or a specific subject.
       The Department of Childhood Education does emphasize the acquisition of certification/licenses, but there is more. Students are able to gain knowledge that deepens and expands their expertise, and by taking this further in their graduation research project, they cultivate the fundamental ability to academically resolve future issues they will face. This is the true focus of this Department.

Department of Social Welfare

Cultivating specialists to create a humane society
       Because the complexity of society increases every day, various new problems are continually arising in communities. Issues related to social welfare are also going through significant changes. To create a humane society without inequality or exclusion, qualified people who can work as certified social workers are in great demand. In addition, specialized jobs requiring knowledge of social welfare are now in demand not only in traditional fields such as welfare, nursing care and medicine, but also in many other fields, such as law, education and labor.
       The Faculty's curriculum offers General Subjects centered on liberal arts education that foster rich character and wide perspective, and Specialized Subjects that foster specialists in social welfare. Specialized Subjects include those subjects required to qualify for the national examination for certified social workers. These Specialized Subjects can also be very useful for students who plan to continue their learning in other fields. For example, the Specialized Subjects also include the subjects required to qualify for the national examination for psychiatric social workers, as well as the certifications for high school teachers (social welfare, civics) and childcare workers.
       Though a diverse curriculum that aims to provide effective instruction based on the needs and career paths of students, the Faculty strives to foster specialized personnel with sound judgment and practical abilities that can handle the diversifying issues of today's society.

Department of Psychology

This Department has been established in order to deepen understanding within the field of psychology and its study of the human mind so as to facilitate the acquisition of the special skills that can offer to meet social need as well as to contribute to the welfare of society in a broad range of ways.
       In modern society, many people have difficulty with face-to-face communication due to the complexity of human relations, and it often causes mental health issues to arise. Furthermore, this rapidly internationalizing society needs intercultural understanding. Under such circumstances, specialists in psychology are in great demand in a variety of fields.
       In responding to these social needs, Seinan Gakuin University opened the Department of Psychology in 2012 to cultivate specialists concerning mental issues who have perspicacity as well as communication skill to ameliorate problems. We at the same time aim to enhance psychological research and education in the fields of education and social welfare through cooperation with the Department of Childhood Education and the Department of Social Welfare.

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