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Graduate School

Department of Law
       Fosters the development and growth of specialists in the fields of basic law, Japanese law, international law and political science for work in advanced legal research as well as in actual legal practice.

Department of Business Administration
       Produces graduates who have a high degree of expertise and research competency, and who exhibit leadership and creativity in business administration, commercial science, and accounting principles and theories.

Department of Literature
       Produces exceptional educators and researchers who offer an international perspective. This is done through the study of British, American and French literature, and language studies in English and French, as well as communication theories.

Department of Economics
       Produces researchers and advanced specialists through broad, in-depth scholarship of economic theory and economic policy, as well as the study of the global economy.

Department of Theology
       Produces researchers who deal with contemporary human thought, religion, and social issues through the study of the Bible, Christian history, and Christian thought.

Department of Human Science
       Develops advanced specialists who deal with educational, psychological, and welfare issues related to people in modern society, as well as highly competent researchers.

Department of Intercultural Studies
       Produces experts who will be active as researchers or as valuable members of society through the study of culture, ideology, history, society, ethnicity, and the customs of Asia, Europe, and the USA.

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