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Faculty of Foreign Language Studies

Department of  Foreign Language Studies

Cultivation of English abilities to gain future careers, as well as research abilities in American and British literature and culture

The Department of Foreign Language Studies aims to unlock students’ potential by developing their practical language skills and by cultivating their expertise in a broad range of foreign language-related studies.

In their first year, students concentrate on improving their English ability by strengthening and applying the four core skills of reading, writing, speaking, and listening, and on beginning the study of French. Courses in the second year and beyond focus on three main subject areas:

1,    Classes in English studies include linguistics and advanced language practice, as well as in-depth study of British and American literature and culture, and that of the wider English-speaking world.

2.     Classes in French studies focus both on the acquisition of practical communicative abilities to enable students to reach a business level of French and also on providing a broad-based understanding of French culture.

3.     Classes in global communication studies allow students with advanced language skills the opportunity to take courses taught in English and/or French to develop greater competences in communication and an understanding of global issues.

A flexible curriculum allows students to draw on all three subject areas to create an individual program of study that will both broaden their interests and deepen their expertise, in preparation for advanced individual research in third and fourth-year seminars.

In addition to Seinan Gakuin University’s foreign exchange programs and short-term overseas language and professional skills training programs, the Department of Foreign Language Studies also offers four exclusive overseas study programs, as well as a partnership with Tokyo University of Foreign Studies. These programs allow students a wide variety of opportunities to put their learning into practice, and to expand their experience of foreign language studies both in Japan and around the world.


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