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How to survive well in the increasingly troubled economic situation and the arrival of unequal society
       The financial crisis which started in the U.S. brought ramifications to the global economy, thrusting it into a wave of recession. The Japanese economy also received a huge blow; yen appreciation and falling stock prices are leading to poor performances by major corporations, and employment status is becoming more and more unstable. On the other hand, food prices are rising, the burden of expenses for education, medicine and welfare is increasing, and global environment issues are pressing. Our lives are on the verge of major change. To survive in this difficult living environment, we must accurately grasp the current situation, predict future developments, and handle things in an intelligent manner. For this, knowledge and understanding of the economy is indispensable.
       The Department of Economics allows diverse and specialized study through various courses, such as fundamental theoretical subjects to understand the basic flow and principles of the national economy, economic history subjects to learn historical experiences and lessons of the past, and economic policy subjects that verify methods to create a better economic society through comprehensive utilization of acquired knowledge. Through a year-specific curriculum, students learn to understand basic economic terminologies and economic statistics, and how current Japanese and global economies are interrelated. By gradually mastering various principles behind economic movements in the context of systematic studies of economic science, students will be able to identify their own position in the actual economic society and to foresee future trends.

Department of International Economics

Acquire abilities for international economics analysis and communications, and apply them to daily life!
       Economic transactions with overseas countries are closely related to Japan’s domestic economic activities, and affect our daily lives in many ways. In addition to export and import of goods, trade in services is also thriving. Also, while there is capital outflow through overseas direct investments by Japanese corporations and overseas portfolio investments by Japanese investors, interests and dividends from these investments are being paid from overseas countries to Japan. Plus, due to Japan’s declining birthrate and aging society, accepting the immigration of foreign workers into Japan is going to become inevitable. Such phenomena show that insight connecting the relationship of our daily lives with international economics is indispensable.
       The Department of International Economics offers a group of subjects that introduce the economic situations of various countries and regions from a wide perspective, including their social systems, and another group of subjects showing how people, goods and money move among nations from a theoretical perspective. Studying these subjects will allow students to effectively acquire comprehensive insight into international and domestic economies. Also, in the Fundamental Exercise Course in the freshman and sophomore years, and in the Exercise Course in the junior and senior years, students cultivate a method of thinking in regards to economics and a wide perspective that is applicable in the international arena. Further, the Department offers a group of subjects that improve English communication abilities in business situations, and supports foreign exchange programs to utilize the acquired knowledge on economy and the communication abilities.

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