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Fostering business persons needed in this age of "glocalization" of the economic society
       "Glocalization" is a newly-coined term combining the two words "globalization" and "localization." It indicates the concept of global activity with consideration of local characteristics. In recent years, corporate society has been demanding that corporations conduct business in various parts of the world while focusing on local characteristics and traits, and to maintain the competitive edge in any business, human resources that can flexibly handle such an age of "glocalization" are essential.
       The curriculum of the Faculty of Commerce aims to cultivate business persons who can survive such changing times. The main characteristics of the Department of Commerce are its division into the Commerce Course and the Accounting Course, and implementation of Major and Minor concentrates. During the freshman year, students study a variety of introductory subjects to prepare for their selection of majors and minors, and in the sophomore year, they choose a course and take classes pertaining to that course of choice. Another characteristic of the Department of Commerce is the small-classroom education available during all four years of University education. Small-classroom education is conducted in the Basic Seminar during the freshman year, Business Foreign Language during the first semester of the sophomore year, and the Seminar from the second semester of the sophomore year to the senior year.

Department of Business Administration

Fostering expertise and wide perspectives to survive in an uncertain business environment
       The Department of Business Administration provides diverse courses in order to allow students to gain a multilateral and systematic understanding of the question "what must be done to realize long-term operation of a company?" The Department of Business Administration offers two courses: the "Business Administration Course" and the "Management Information Course."
       In the "Business Administration Course," students study marketing strategies and employee management of corporations, the ideal state of operation for global corporations, dynamism of history of corporate development and corporate changes. On the other hand, in the "Management Information Course," students study the ideal state of production activities in a corporation, method of information management and analysis, procuring funds, decision-making on investments, internet business, etc.
       Also, the Department of Business Administration emphasizes small-number seminars. The seminars help deepen specific areas of knowledge, and at the same time, aim to cultivate the ability to think independently about business with a wide perspective, using a variety of specialized knowledge.
       An entrepreneur, a successful cosmopolitan, a business person versed in specialized knowledge... Whatever your future dream might be, we await all who are enthusiastic and hopeful.

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