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Christian Education

Courses in Christian Studies, as part of the general education curriculum, offer all students the opportunity to learn about and to develop an appreciation for Christianity on an intellectual level. Chapel services, held three times a week, feature music that speaks to the heart and talks that invite students to think about the meaning of life and their place in society.

Cross-cultural Education

The international student exchange program, launched in 1971, promotes one-year/semester exchanges between SGU and 83 colleges and universities in 26 countries. Over 1,300 SGU students who have taken advantage of this program are now active in the world community, making the best of their firsthand experience. In addition, there are short-term language training seminars overseas held during the spring and summer breaks as well as various other programs to promote interaction with overseas students.

Small Classes

Because of the importance of personal communication between students and professors, first and second year students are each assigned to an extracurricular class supervised by a professor; in this way it is possible for each student to get individual guidance.
Discussion-based classes with relatively few students are available not only for foreign language and Christian Studies courses but for specialized courses as well.
All students in their junior and senior years can enroll in a seminar and thus experience in a small-group setting the culmination of their four years of study.

Language/Computer Education

The language laboratory is fully equipped with advanced audio-visual equipment and copious learning materials, and there is an ample choice of language courses.
For computer education, data processing courses are offered to students in all departments, and personal computers are available for students to use up to 9:30 p.m.

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