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A Leading University in Western Japan

Seinan Gakuin University is a humanities-focused university with a long history of international exchange and cooperation. The international exchange program, now managed in the Center for International Education, is one of the oldest such programs in Japan. The location of the University, in Kyushu's largest city, known as the "gateway to Asia " offers students an exciting environment in which to learn and grow.

Seinan Gakuin University is situated adjacent to one of Fukuoka City’s key waterfront areas, Seaside Momochi, amid a superb environment incorporating academic and cultural facilities, information hubs and educational and research centers. In addition to its 14 courses of study in seven undergraduate departments - Theology, Literature, Commerce, Economics, Law, Human Sciences, and Intercultural Studies - SGU also offers nine courses in eight graduate divisions including Law, Business Administration, Literature, Economics, Law School, Theology, Human Sciences and Intercultural Studies. With a total graduate and undergraduate student population of about 8,500, we are consistently ranked as one of the leading privately-funded universities in Western Japan.

Ever since our establishment we have employed a high number of foreign educational faculty, and were the first school to incorporate English-language education into our curriculum. Likewise we were the first school to establish a foreign exchange program with universities overseas, and have established a long tradition of welcoming students from other lands. We have a reputation as a school delivering excellent linguistic training in a richly international environment. We also stress the provision of a well-rounded education based on Christian principles, with special courses on the study of Christianity, and chapel. Our goal is to nurture graduates capable of contributing to local and international society through a spirit of service to others.

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