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Ms. Ginny EWIN

Baylor University, USA
Fukuoka is an ideal place to experience Japanese culture without being overwhelmed. It has historical monuments, shrines, museums, an excellent library, beaches, every variety of shopping, and helpful citizens, but without the crowds and rush of larger Japanese cities such as Tokyo. I highly recommend the summer program if a longer stay is impossible. The academic part of the program was excellent. The teachers took real advantage of having an environment full of native speakers and provided many practical opportunities to apply what was being taught in the classroom. There were numerous interviews and conversations with Japanese students which gave us a more relaxed setting to practice our speaking skills without a lot of pressure. I was very pleased to participate in this program.

Ms. JEON, Jeong Eun

Kyungsung University, Korea
This program gave me a lot of confidence in Japanese. Interviewing Japanese students was a little difficult, but students at Seinan Gakuin University answered my questions kindly. I came to have more and more confidence speaking Japanese and talking with Japanese students. I had great experiences and take back good memories--of parties, excursions, and short trips. My choice to participate in this program was right.

Mr. Serge LUCAS

Universite Stendhal Grenoble 3, France
In the classes, there were unique assignments which I had never experienced before. I really appreciated the heavy emphasis on helping students gain the ability to communicate with Japanese. Giving presentations based on interviews, talking about the characteristics of Japanese cuisine, everything was challenging. But it was also very enjoyable to learn, as I could notice my Japanese competence getting better and better. The I-House was like a hotel, new and modern. It was also a nice experience to go to beach with other international students and Japanese students at night, and talk about a lot of things. This program gave me a good opportunity to experience not only studying but also was a great experience in my life.

Ms. XIE, Chang
Ms. LI, Dan

Jilin University, China
I take back a lot of unforgettable memories other than studying. Fukuoka is a very beautiful place with delicious foods. The short day trips around the city were very interesting and showed a broad spectrum of Japanese life. We were fortunate that the summer program coincided with "Hakata-Gion Yamakasa", which gave us a rare opportunity to witness a very old tradition. On the weekend excursion to Nagasaki we experienced not only very traditional aspects of Japanese life (such Japanese hot springs) but also could take advantage of the unique opportunities and sights in that city. We were able to become nice friends with other international students and Japanese students by going on trips together, and by sharing meals together at the I-House. I would like to come again next year.


Universite Stendhal Grenoble 3, France

Going on the SGU Summer Program is a really good experience where you can meet many people, exchange, share and learn from everybody. I met really interesting people and we keep in touch on Facebook, line etc. This program is really complete and interesting and SGU provides lots of activities like short trips to cultural buildings. We also had chances to try martial arts, calligraphy and traditional Japanese Hakama. The living environment is relaxing and the residents are really helpful and nice. The most important thing is to speak only in Japanese. I was the only French on the program and at the beginning it was a bit difficult, but this situation helped me to improve my Japanese skills. Don’t forget that you are in Japan so let’s speak Japanese and have fun! Even if you make mistakes, no problem! Japanese people are here to help you.

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