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Program Overview

In consideration of the current situation with the novel COVID-19, Seinan Gakuin University has reached a conclusion to CANCEL the 2020 Summer Intensive Japanese Language & Culture Program.


Taking advantage of its long lasting history of Japanese language education since 1970's, Seinan Summer Program delivers excellent linguistic training in a richly international environment to all participating students every year. Session 1(2-week) provides you with highly intensive language training, while Session 2(4-week) provides you with additional cultural experience.

Session 1 Session 2 Session 1+Session 2
Period  2 weeks
 (June 22nd -July 3rd)
 4 weeks
 (July 8th -August 5th)
 6 weeks
 (June 22nd -August 5th)
Course Details ・Level: Introductory   
・Classes: 30 classes +Exams
・Lesson hours: 90 minutes×
4 classes/day × 7 days
・Level: Beginning to Advanced
・Classes: 30 classes +Exams
・Lesson hours: 90 minutes×
2 classes/day × 15 days
 Combined programs with
 Session 1 and Session 2
Accommodation  On-campus housing  On-campus housing  On-campus housing
Cost ・Application Fee: 12,000JPY
・Program Fee: 70,000JPY
・Application Fee: 12,000JPY
・Program Fee:
 150,000JPY (Partner Institutions)
 160,000JPY (Non-Partner)
・Application Fee: 12,000JPY
・Program Fee:
 220,000JPY (Partner Institutions)
 230,000JPY (Non-Partner)

※ Program fee includes accommodation, tuition, textbook, rental futon fees.


〇Session 1
・Applicants must have completed that are equivalent to 12 years of education in educational institutions outside of Japan.
・Applicants who have never studied Japanese before.
*You are required to be able to write and read Hiragana and Katakana before attending the program once you are admitted to the program.

・Applicants must have completed that are equivalent to 12 years of education in educational institutions outside of Japan.
・Applicants must have studied Japanese language that are equivalent to one semester at the time of application.
・Students should be able to express following expressions using “Te-Form”:
a) making requests ( Please do ~ )
b) giving and asking for permission ( May I do~?)
c) forming a sentence that describes two events or activities.


Session 1 Sample Schedule : Summer Program 2020

Session 2 Sample Schedule : Summer Program 2020


〇Session 1

This 2-week program is an introductory Japanese course for the students who have never learned Japanese before, or have very basic knowledge of Japanese like greetings, hiragana, and katakana. We offer this program as a pre-sessional course for entering Session 2 (4-week program: Summer Intensive Japanese Language and Culture Program)

-Introductory Class

〇Session 2

This 4-week Intensive Japanese language and culture program is offered at four levels. Highly trained and skilled teachers provide a variety of activities both in and outside of the classes with the participants. Through these activities, participants are expected to learn Japanese language, including grammar, vocabularies, and expressions more effectively and intensively. Please note that absolute beginners have to start with Session 1.
- Four levels I-IV of classes with about 20 or fewer students
- Four-week intensive language instructions, exams, workshops, language lab activities, and on- and off-campus field work.
- Field trips to local shrines, temples and other local attractions.
- A two-day field trip in/near Kyushu area to visit local sights of historical interest
* Project work (field work, interviews with Japanese students, etc) are scheduled outside regular class periods. 
* Placement Test: Students are all given a placement test before and after you enroll in this program. They are placed in one of four levels of classes based on its results.

- Class I
- Class II
- Class III
- Class IV

* This is subject to change.

Credit Transfer

Our summer programs offer a credit to the participants, and a lot of partner institutions regard it as an official credit applied toward graduation.


〇Session 1 
This session mainly focuses on learning new vocabularies and grammars through a variety of activities, and you are provided an opportunity to interact with Japanese students in class.
〇Session 2
1) Learning through Activities (“TAIKEN-GATA GAKUSHU”)
“TAIKEN-GATA GAKUSHU” is a way of learning language through various kinds of activities, which is different from a general class only with a textbook. The students can learn Japanese language, experiencing the pleasure of communicating in Japanese.
For example, students might have interviews with many Japanese people about themes based on their interests. At first, the students are to study grammar or words, and to practice their interview in advance (Preparation). Secondly, they will go out to interview Japanese people (Experience). Finally, they will review the contents of their interview to review expressions or words (Review). This flow of “TAIKEN-GATA GAKUSHU” can grow both confidence and competence in Japanese language.
This is a very effective way of learning language so that students can acquire practical Japanese language skills

2) Learning in a group of students of different levels and nationalities (“TATEWARI Activity”)
The students are divided into groups, where students of different levels of Japanese language, and nationalities are mixed, and the group members work for one theme through Japanese. This is called “TATEWARI Activity” in Japanese and communicating in Japanese with students of different levels and nationalities enables one to learn Japanese effectively. For example, a group might make a skit, in which differences of the way of dating between elderly and youth are shown with humor.

Photo Gallery

Welcome Party Off-Campus Excursion TANABATA Festival
Japanese Home Visit HAKAMA Fitting Activity HAKATA YAMAKASA Festival
Field Trip (2DAYS) Calligraphy Flower Arrangement
Tea Ceremony Conversation with
Seinan Students
Inter-exchange at I-House

Student Services

Participants will stay in one of the on-campus dormitories, International House. All dormitories have equipped with kitchen, shower rooms, washing /drier machines, lounge and common areas where you can comfortably relax. Also each room has a bed, desk, chair, toilet, and fully air conditioned. All necessary equipment for living is available in the International Houses, ensuring a comfortable stay during the program. Besides international students, some Japanese students live in the dormitories and are always very helpful as international students adjust to life in Fukuoka. We offer a relaxed environment for both study and intercultural exchange.
*Housing will be available on the following date:
Session1: From June 20 (Sat) to noon, July 4 (Sat).
Session 2 : From  July 6 (Mon) to noon, August 6 (Thu)
*All the participants are expected to stay at one of the International Houses.
*Due to the balance of number of residents in the dormitory, participants might be placed in the off-campus dormitory

There are shared kitchens in the dormitory, so participants can cook themselves. Just under ten minutes on foot, they will be able to buy groceries at the Nishijin or Fujisaki shopping Street. There are also many restaurants, pubs, and grocers in these areas offering a wide range of cuisines from many countries. Students can also have meals at two on-campus cafeterias at reasonable prices.

Participants will have access to the library, the language laboratory, and also wifi for free. It is required that your devices have a valid anti-virus software installed.

Welcome Services
Greet and pickup service (Fukuoka Airport, Hakata station or Hakata pier pickup) is available by Seinan Gakuin University students, and they will take you to the I-House.

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