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Pre-Arrival Information

Pre-arrival Information for Summer Program Students 

Housing Pick-Up Services Money
What to pack Traveling to Seinan Gakuin University On Your Own Internet
Travel Insurance Orientation Transportation to down town


All students of the summer program are able to stay at International House (I-House).  
Shared kitchens are available at the International House.
Room Facilities: air conditioner, bed, desk, chair, refrigerator, toilet, lights, sink with hot and cold water
, pillow, Futon sheet, Futon matress and Futon quilt.
*The International House will be available from June 29 (Sat) to noon, August 2 (Fri).
*Check-in date for the  I-House is only June 29 (Sat) and June 30 (Sun).

What to pack
- Passport
- Essential medications if needed
- Photographs of family and friends to make you feel at home in your new room!
- Insurance Certificate

■Pick-Up Service
Seinan Gakuin University offers a free pick-up service for all new international students. 
To request the pick-up service, please email us by the end of May and provide the following information.
-Airline/shinkansen/train names
-Flight/shinkansen numbers
-Departure & arrival time
*throughout your travel to Fukuoka city
A student group of Seinan Gakuin University will greet you at the arrival gates and they will take you to your dormitory.  Our student group will pick you up at the airport, the railway station, the pier or your hotel at the time indicated in your email.

■Traveling to Seinan Gakuin University On Your Own
1) Subway
From Fukuoka Airport:
Kuko Line ()
Fukuoka Airport station ->Nishijin station (approx. 20 minutes) 300JPY
EXIT 1 is the nearest to the university. 
If you would like to go to the I-House (on campus dormitory), Fujisaki station (next to Nishijin) is closer (300JPY).  The I-House is a 15 minute walk from the EXIT 3 of Fujisaki station.

[Fukuoka City Subway]
[Seinan Gakuin University Access Map]

2) Bus
From Hakata Station area:
Hakata Station A or Hakata Bus Terminal 1F ->Shuyukan-mae (approx. 35 minutes) 230JPY
From Tenjin area:

Tenjin Shinten-cho Iriguchi, Tenjin 3-chome or Tenjin Yubinkyoku-mae-> Shuyukan-mae (approx. 20 minutes) 230JPY

*Seinan Gakuin University is a 5 minute walk from Shuyukan-mae bus stop

3) Taxi
Click the link to an online map which you can print out to show the taxi driver, or whoever delivers you to the dormitory.  It will take about 20 minutes (when using expressway) from Fukuoka Airport to the I-House and cost about 3,000 JPY.

Orientation will be held on July, 1, 2019.
The program detail (time, place, contents) will be announced in mid-June.

[What to bring]
- Passport
- Copy of Insurance Certificate

[Orientation Program Outline]
- Welcome Session
- Information Session-program schedule, campus life, health & safety, etc
- Campus Tour
- SAINS (university internet network) Setup
- SAINS Account (student email account) Activation

■Japanese Placement Test
Japanese classes are separated into four levels (Class I, II, III and IV), and you will be placed in the appropriate class based on the results of the Japanese placement test. The Japanese placement test will be given on Monday, July 1, 2019.

■Travel Insurance
You are required to obtain a travel insurance which covers all your medical expenses and personal liability during one month stay in Japan.

The SAINS is a free internet network for the Seinan Gakuin University’s students and faculties.  You will be able to use internet right after the SAINS account is activated during the orientation.  You will also be able to access internet from your own computer in the I-House and on campus after device registration is done. Please note that the SAINS limits access to online games and services for security reasons.  Besides SAINS, students can use free wifi in I-house.

- Money Exchange
You would be better to prepare cash in Japanese yen. Since there are not many exchange counters available throughout the cities in Fukuoka, it would be better to exchange money at the bank or airport in your country.

- Withdrawing money by using a credit card
You can withdraw money from an ATM machine by using your credit card.
Please visit the website of the Japan Post Bank for your reference.

- Cost of one-month stay
You should budget approximately 50,000 - 60,000 JPY for your one-month stay.

■Transportation to down town
About 10 minute subway ride takes you from Nishijin area to the downtown Tenjin and Hakata Station areas.  The fare is 260JPY.
Bikes are also popular transportation for international students here.  It takes about 20 minutes to Tenjin and about 40 minutes to Hakata Station.

There are two cafeterias and a cafe on campus.  If you go in the cafeterias, you will select a lunch from meals for between 300 and 600JPY.
Other than the campus cafeterias, there are a variety of restaurants and shopping amenities within 10 minute walk from the I-House.  The average charge for a set menu in this area is about 700 JPY.  You can also cook for yourself at the dormitory using ingredients bought from supermarkets in this area.

 CO-OP Cafeteria next to the Gym

   [1st floor] 8:00AM - 7:30PM
   [2nd floor] 11:30AM - 1:30PM
   [Saturdays ( 1stfloor only)] 11:30AM - 1:30PM 
   *during the regular school days

 Seinan Cross Plaza, East Campus
   8:00AM - 7:00PM from Monday to Saturday
 La Piccola cento (cafe), East Campus
   10:00AM - 4:00PM from Monday to Saturday

To see the Cafeteria menu, Please click here.

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