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EUIJ Kyushu Launched

April 11, 2011

On April 1st, Seinan Gakuin Unviersity (SGU) launched an EU Institute in Japan (EUIJ), a high level academic institute focused on European Union (EU) studies. The Institute was established with SGU, Kyushu University (KU) and Fukuoka Women's University (FWU). The EUIJ was founded in order to promote academic assistance and educational exchange between Japan and Europe about a broad range of fields, from European politics, law, and economics to environmental studies, medicine and science. The EUIJ Kyushu is the first EU related facility in Kyushu Island (the fifth in Japan after Tokyo and Kansai). A Diploma Program for undergraduates and graduates with themes of EU will be developed. Other activities include inviting visiting professors from Europe, providing scholarships, joint research projects with universities in Europe, and student exchanges. SGU was the first school admitted as the European Documentation Center in 1969, and SGU offers materials issued by the EU to both researchers and citizens. SGU continues to be dedicated to providing information about the EU and EU studies.


The website of the EUIJ Kyushu is as below.

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