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My message to those who are interested in learning in Seinan Gakuin University.

Kelly Brocklehurst
Liverpool John Moores University, the U.K.

I could not think of a better University to study abroad at; the campus is great and there is always something to do in Fukuoka. I have studied Japanese before I came to Seinan Gakuin, but the language classes here have improved my Japanese significantly. The Japanese teachers are very friendly and the classes are extremely helpful, with up to date exercises and examples which can be used in real life situations. Our extra classes (which we choose ourselves) are also good and help foreigners learn many things about Japan, like culture, history, and geography etc. The CIE office staff have made my stay here a lot easier, and have been willing to answer any queries I have had. They have also helped me gain opportunities I wouldn’t have outside of the University. The office regularly advertises things such as, events held in Fukuoka, job opportunities and various cultural exchanges with schools, so you can experience a lot more than just university life.

What are some of the most fascinating aspects of Fukuoka?

Personally I feel Fukuoka is such a great place to live in; the University is in a really good location as it is just 5 minutes away from International House and within walking distance from the beach. Whatever you’re interested in, there’s always a lot to do here. There are a lot of parks, shopping areas, clubs, bars, and museums and throughout the year you can visit a lot of festivals to really experience Japanese traditions. International House is very close to the subway so it’s easy to travel to other areas of Fukuoka. I think it’s very handy to have a bike too because many places here are within a reasonable distance.

Let us know about food and dining. Do you cook on your own? How do you like the on-campus cafeterias?

Fukuoka offers a lot of different cuisines, as well as Japanese food. There are Chinese, Italian, French, English and American restaurants all over Fukuoka. In the week I go to the on-campus cafeterias a lot because it is so cheap and serves really good food. A lot of restaurants in Fukuoka offer tabehoudai (all you can eat) for a good price, which is where many of us go to on a regular basis. At I-house I cook on my own but a lot of us in the International House cook together occasionally too, like sushi or takoyaki etc.

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