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My message to those who are interested in learning in Seinan Gakuin University.

Corallie Briant
Bordeaux Business School, France

Concerning the school, the courses for the exchange students tend to be a discovery of Japan through Japanese people, culture and language. Half of our schedule is Japanese class and the other part is made of class we chose. Every class introduce students to the Japanese culture. For me who just know few things about Japan, it's really interesting. Moreover the Center for International Education officers suggest us some activities (Kyoto field trip, Kyogen theatre, part time job...)and they also help us in administration formalities before and during our stay. I'm not sure that every school have such a supervisory staff for the exchange students. Finally, if you like sports, Seinan University has many sport grounds and complex which are available for us. We can also integrate University sports club.

What do you like about the I-House (International House)?

I have no regret to choose the I House housing. It's the better way to meet the other exchange students, meet people from everywhere and discover different cultures (and food!). The Japanese advisors are very kind and always ready to help us or have fun together. They organize some events for us like the welcome party. Living in the I House is a good way to meet Japanese people besides taking part of a sport club. It's also really convenient because you're very close to the campus, the subway and everything you need.

What are some of the most fascinating aspects of Fukuoka?

Before coming I was a bit afraid of a huge suffocating city always crowded but life in Fukuoka is very pleasant. It's a big city which kept human size. Momochi beach is at 15min walk from the I House, you can find some green space, a lot of shopping centres, cheap restaurants, clubs, karaoke... There are also some festivals where you can taste a lot of Japanese specialities, games or enjoy watching fireworks. If you want to really discover the city it is worth to buy a bike and go cycling.

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