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Off-Campus Housing


**The detailed information of off-campus apartment would be noticed accordingly. Please be noted that your choice of apartment is subject to change without notice when it is occupied.

Around Nishijin, Muromi, Arae area
(10-15 minutes bicycle ride from Seinan Gakuin University campus and Nishijin subway station, or about 15 minutes bus ride)

Single Room

Room Facilities
Bed, desk, chair, refrigerator, closet, curtains, air conditioner, in-room mini kitchen, lighting, bathroom (internet access is not included)

Common Facilities
Washing machine and dryer (free of charge), lounge, restroom, and bicycle parking space

Fees (As of January 2016)
Rent: ¥ 50,000 - 60,000 / month (Including common service fees)
Utility fee: about ¥10,000 / month
Cleaning fee: about ¥20,000

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