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Seinan Gakuin Univeristy offers foreign students housing in the International House on campus and also a limted number of Home-stays in Japanese families. The family will welcome you as a member of the family and you will experience the culture, customs and life-style of Japan and also of Fukuoka.
The Home-stays are arranged by LbE Japan, a company specializing in global education. In February of 2008, the company became independent from Guy Healy, Japan, who conducts the nation’s largest English / global educational camp. Guy Healy, Japan has been the agent for short term homestay for over 100 foreign students visiting Japan for the summer camps ( every year.

The Conditions

1) Application fee : 5,000 yen (Payable after arriving in Japan)
2) Accommodation fee for Home-stay: 40,000 yen per month. Payment is not required before your arrival in Fukuoka. The monthly payment must be made directly to your host family at a beginning of a month.
3) Rooms are single or shared, depending on the family.
4) Hostfamily offers you breakfast and dinner each day, plus lunches on the weekends and national holidays
5) The travel time will usually be within one hour (*transport fee is not included)
6) You will be expected to show respect for your host family and act as a member of the family. You will be expected to behave in a responsible manner in your family.

Guidelines in the selection of host families

The host families will have

1) an understanding of international exchange demonstrated through experience in studying outside of Japan, foreign work postings, or other involvement in international exchange.
2) been inspected by LbE Japan and will accept the above conditions.

Enrollment procedure

1) Fill out and send the student accommodation application form. Accommodation will be assigned to all incoming students. You will be notified about your accommodation by email. Housing application form for each accommodation will be sent by email at the same time.
2) Complete the Home-stay application form and prepare your 3 photos(3cmX4cm), and write a letter introducing yourself to your host family, and post them to Center for International Education, Seinan Gakuin Univeristy
3) Matching host families and release student’s information (Profile and photos) done by LbE Japan
4) After confirming the acceptance of a host family, the host family will be introduced to the student
5) After arriving in Japan, orientation about the Home-stay rules done by LbE Japan
6) Meeting of a student and a host family

*Home-stay Registration fee(5,000yen) will be paid after arriving in Japan

Homestay Procedure & Condition [PDF:104KB]

"Adobe Reader" is necessary to see the PDF file. Please download and see Adobe Reader with the button of right "Get Adobe Reader".

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